GRAPHIC BATTLE  |  jimtpike vs. allisvnargent
↪ One Doctor


GRAPHIC BATTLE  |  clarasdeepbreath vs. spookyromanovas

↪ a side character: danny pink


GRAPHIC BATTLE  |  jennacolerman vs. hicksgirl

↪ one ending

Get back in your lonely, your lonely bloody Tardis and you don’t come back. 


GRAPHIC BATTLE  |  spookyromanovas vs. clarasdeepbreath

↪ a side character: jenny flint


GRAPHIC BATTLE  |  tarqaryxn vs. timelaird

↪ Regeneration

I will not forget one line of this, not one day. I swear. (insp)

Graphic Battle | ghostlyponds vs howlliam

↪ Sonic Screwdriver

Who has a sonic screwdriver? Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, “Ooh, this could be a little more sonic”?

What, you’ve never been bored? Never had a long night? Never had a lot of cabinets to put up?


GRAPHIC BATTLE  |  sassykidneys vs. thedoctorisourking

↪ villans: the weeping angels


GRAPHIC BATTLE  |  billieplper vs. brilliantclara

↪ One Episode: Deep Breath


Hi,  we made the pairs for the battle and gave every couple a topic. ^-^

post your graphics before:  31 october 2014 


1. doctormuggle vsohtwelve ~ character death scene
2. shutupstraxvs custardfngers~ objects that resembles any character
3. billieplpervs brilliantclara ~ one episode
4. allisvnargentvs jimtpike ~ one doctor
5. hicksgirlvs jennacolerman ~ one ending [of any doctor/companion]
6. clarasdeepbreath vs spookyromanovas ~ side characters [eg. vastra]
7. thedoctorisourking vs spookykidneys ~ villians
8. amblejamblesvs pumpkinalpha ~  tardis [from any era] 
9. pondsievs emmcswan~ one colour
10. timelairdvs tarqaryxn ~ regeneration
11. ghostlyponds vs howlliam ~ sonic screwdriver
12. cptcarol vs queenmorgana~ a love scene [eg. ten and rose, amy and rory]

how to post your graphic.

  • post your graphic on your own blog
  • tag it as #dwgraphicbattle
  • add this under your graphic: 

GRAPHIC BATTLE  |  your url (linked) vs. url from other blog (linked to graphic)

↪ topic/theme

Good luck everyone! :)

Anonymous asked: How can you join these graphic battles?

we make posts about them where you can enter and we tagg it with the tags #dwgraphicbattle and #dwbattleupdates and then you can enter those. There isn’t any battle going on right now but we will probably soon do another one so yeah ^0^ 

sorry for the late reply we were on holiday